Custom design your own

Design your own jewellery piece, from engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendant etc.

Send us an e-mail with inspirational images attached as well as a description of your ideas to for a quote.

After the quote was approved, we will draw up a technical design on Rhino-CAD of the exact jewellery piece of your desire.

After you have viewed the renderings of the design and approved it, we will send the design through to our factory to be 3-D printed.

The 3-D printed wax of the design will then be casted in silver or gold, worked off, polished and set (if stones are included in your design).

Important information to include in your description of your ideas:

If it is a design of a ring, please include a ring size. 

We can also source any diamond or gemstone for you. Just add a description of the size and shape of the diamond or gemstone you want to be quoted on.

You are also welcome to recycle old gold jewellery pieces through us. We will weigh the gold and you will be credited the amount from your quote. Unfortunately we can’t use the old gold in the new gold design because we use new gold for our custom designs and the two golds can’t be mixed. 

The process takes 3-4 weeks.